Teaching Activities

Basic science & clinical research

1984 Effects of Electromagnetic Fields on Bone Consolidation (Rat model): Fabien Bitan, Pr L. Sedel (Paris)
1985 Experimental Study of Axonal Growth: Fabien Bitan, Pr L. Sedel (Paris)
1985 Graduate in Experimental Microsurgery: Pr Banzet (Paris)
1986 Effects of the Chari pelvic osteotomy on the acetabular development in young dogs. Fabien Bitan, Dr Morin, Dr Duriez (Berk sur Mer)
1996 Osteoblasts Cultures and evaluation of an original in vitro production of bone graft. Fabien Bitan , Dr Antonietti, E. Lopez, G. Gutteriez (Paris, Lyon)
1999 Principal Investigator of the U.S. trial on Disc Replacements New York Site
2001 Associate Investigator of the US trial on the Use of Bone Morphogenic Protein (BMP) in Posterolateral spinal fusion
2003 Evaluation by the Lumbar Motion Monitor of Endoscopic versus open Spinal Fusions
2003 Principal Investigator: US of the US trial on Dynesis dynamic instrumentation system
2003 Member of the Spinal Deformity Study Group (sub-groups: Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis, Adult deformities, Spondylolisthesis)
2004 Evaluation by the Lumbar Motion Monitor of Disc replacements versus fusions
2004 Principal investigator: Role of Kyphoplasty in cancer patients. A prospective Study (in collaboration with the Radiation Therapy Department of Beth Israel Medical Center)
2005 Associate Investigator: cervical Disc replacement Surgery (Prestige)
2005 Member of the National Orthopedic Surgery Marketing Consultants and Advisory Board Meeting Focus on Bleeding Reduction, Transfusion Avoidance, and Risk Management Strategies in the Setting of Orthopedic Reconstructive Surgery (Bayer)

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