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FAQs - Dr. Bitan on radio

FAQs - Dr. Bitan on Radio

  •  What's the best way to maintain the health of your spine?

  •  Does stress play a role in back pain?

  •  Why do pregnant women develop back pain?

  •  What options are available for pregnant women with back pain?

  •  How can acupuncture be used for back pain?

  •  What can parents do for a child with back pain?

  •  How can one prevent developing back pain?

  •  What non-surgical options are available for treating a bad back?

  •  What's the difference between an orthopedic suregeon and a neurosurgeon?

  •  Are there other ways than surgery to treat spine_problems

  •  How does the spine age?

  •  What is sacroilliac pain?

  •   What is osteoporosis?

  •   What is minimally invasive surgery?

  •   What is endoscopic surgery?

  •   How do you treat adolescent scoliosis?

  •   What is disc herniation?

  •   What are vertical compression fractures?

  •   What is spinal stenosis?

  •   How serious are bulging discs?

  •   How do you determine the source of pain?

  •   What are epidural injections?

  •   Is progressive scoliosis a serious matter?

  •   What is spinal fusion?

  •   What is the role of "block tests" in determining the source of pain?

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